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Ego Likeness [Dragon*Con blog, part 4]


These guys tear it up on stage, and off! To start with, I couldn't decide which photos to post here because they're such badasses!

I mean really.... This pretty much sums up their last tour... -words of Donna, herself.

The story behind the infamous EGO CAKE. >.> I had been wanting to make a cake with fondant for a few months now, but didn't have an occasion, nor the know-how to do so. So one random day before Dragon*Con, I got fed up and decided to look up how to do it. It seemed easy enough....

So when I saw the live stream of Ego Likeness at Blue Mondays in Tallahasee, I thought, why not make those guys a cake? :D They are having birthdays soon... I was talking to them [over the live stream] after the show and asked if they'd like an Ego Likeness cake for DragonCon. They seemed to like this idea. Steve said "Angel Food!"... I said "Really? I was kinda thinking red velvet." So he said "Do both!"

I spent three long hours decorating this cake... I was tired as hell, and when I was done with it, I absolutely hated it.

But they didn't! O_O It ended up being quite delicious, and was eaten pretty much over night. The bottom layer was red velvet [Steve's favorite] and the top was angel food [Donna's favorite]- a big thank you to my mom for making those while I was working on my costume. Sadly there wasn't much angel food because mom accidentally cooked the excess in a separate pan when she was supposed to cook it in the same pan after the first one was done, but it turned out fine anyway.

I was going to make a bunch of little charms out of clay that they could sell but I didn't have enough time.

Dana Hill [and the infamous Nathaniel Johnstone plushie] made these adorable little things!!
Yes, even Tiger Towel.

During the show, Donna's mic went out for some reason... so... for a lady who just got over laryngitis, she YELLED the lyrics... just kept on singing like it was nothing. You couldn't really hear her over the backing tracks, drums and guitar obviously, but the CROWD was singing and you could faintly hear everyone singing along even though you couldn't hear Donna's voice. That was the highlight of the evening.

They fixed the mic after about 40 seconds.

The show was fierce and hard hitting, as always. The pictures should say it all..

But as a final note......

I:Scintilla [Dragon*Con blog, part 3]


I haven't seen these guys since the 2008 Cruxshadows Immortal tour. I've known about them since some time in 2007 but hadn't listened to them much until they toured with CXS.

At the 2008 show in Dallas, we got there about 4 hours early and Justin and Jim came outside and for some reason I was very excited to meet them. Jim gave me a free necklace.. I still have it and usually wear it. Justin left the band at some point and then they gained Brent, someone I was quite happy to meet. ^_^

Justin became the official sound guy for the Cruxshadows and Jen's [Pyro] love.. <3 Everyone loves a love story!

I unfortunately don't have much else to say about these guys. Their music is fantastic. They're great people... and as nice as they are to me, I should have something more to say. I didn't hang out with them a whole lot at Dragon*con, but I kind of wish I would have. No idea when I'll see them again. I just know that as long as they exist, I will see and support them as much as I can.

"Owly is a kind, yet lonely, little owl who knows what it means to be human."

My visit with Andy Runton was brief, but I felt like he really did appreciate me coming by. He didn't stop smiling for a moment. I was really shy to talk to him, like I usually am with people I admire.. He was was really very sweet.

I asked him some things about Owly, stuff I probably should have known.. o.O ...and with part of the last little bit of my money, I bought the first in the Owly series... and later "read" it within 15 minutes. There are no words...

Anyway, he offered to sign it, and I eagerly agreed. He asked my name and I showed him my badge. I pronounced "Rissa" for him.. He complemented me on my name. I probably blushed but I can't remember...

I'd been trying to stop by to see him multiple times during con but everything kept getting in the way. The first time I tried on Sunday, I realized as I was walking into the comics alley that I had lost my badge and got amazingly upset about that, because the Celldweller/Cruxshadows show was that night.. We told security but no one found it, so my good friend Ray bought me a two day pass. ^.^ ..But by the time we got it, the comics alley was already closed...

So! I got up early the next day to say goodbye to everyone and still have enough time to go see Andy. :D And of course being a Cruxshadows fairy, I gave him a flyer, even though the show was over... I'm a fairy year round, not just at Dragon*Con. :) I wish I could have gotten a picture with him.

One of the most important things I re-learned this weekend was that actions speak louder than words...it applies to some things I was going through at the time. The Celldweller song Louder Than Words, along with Andy's "silent" Owly comics mainly emphasized this... I can also identify with the character Owly, because I'm always looking for new friends.. I tend to be shy, lonely, that sort of thing.... but I mean well.

Thank you, Andy.
You've reaffirmed my artistic aspirations in a way I can't quite explain...
but it means a lot to me.


This is a guy I've been waiting for a long time to see. Above all the bands at DragonCon [Yes, even The Cruxshadows], I mainly anticipated his performance, as I'd seen most of the others before already or had no idea who they were. Honestly, I never thought I'd ever get to see Celldweller perform until I heard he'd be at DragonCon..

Backstage [I say backstage, behind a curtain where the CXS fairies go for priority access into the show], I kept panicking, because the show was supposed to start at midnight, but they were still sound checking at 12:30. I finally got through, and fought my way to the front of the crowd [because I'm tiny like that XP]. The set was only 45 minutes long, but they played some of my favorites, including Louder than Words, Switchback and Own Little World.

He was very energetic and his stage presence was pretty good, though not the best, I admit- but I am a Cruxshadows fan, and we all know how Rogue does it, but still, Ego Likeness had a slightly better stage presence than him. :/ Although his stage presence wasn't my favorite part, I still loved the show and enjoyed being there with him. The sound and lights were excellent, and I LOVED the glowing instruments. The video feed in the back was spectacular and added a wonderful hint of AWESOME to the set.

Although I mostly anticipated Celldweller, The Cruxshadows took the cake, performance wise [figuratively, that cake actually was for Ego Likeness]. There were some turmoils unfolding in my head that I sought to resolve while the Cruxshadows played- but that's for another time....

After the Cruxshadows played, and a bunch of people were leaving, I went to go wait to see Klayton. I was a little in shock [kind of like I was the first time I met Rogue, but admittedly, not as much, if any of you remember that.. ;) ].

I told him that I'd been a fan since I was about 12 [14? I can't remember exactly.] and I'd never had the opportunity to see him or even buy any CDs of his. He said "Well that's because I haven't toured in five years." [which I knew, but still...]

Klayton was nice but he seemed a little like he kind of wanted you to say hi and then leave him alone. It was hard for me to have a conversation with him, but he did answer all my questions and he did thank me for helping [since they combined the Celldweller and Cruxshadows shows into one, I was passing out flyers for both bands.] He had these really cold and steely eyes, but I know he had a warm side. He just seemed like he had a lot going all all the time. I wish I could have had a proper conversation with him without annoying him.

He's quite the joker though.

I nearly offered to buy him. :3