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crux_seraphim's Journal

13 December
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Spawned in the darkness of winter, on the 13th day of the 12th month, a little over 17 years ago, I found my reason for existing is to create. Be they things that enrich your world, or destroy your comfort zone, my hands crave movement. My eyes crave wonders and nightmares. My mind craves insight, kindness, truth and life. I crave to inspire and frighten and conquer the unknown.
2012, 300, 9, adrien brody, aeon flux, alice in wonderland, and one, angelspit, anime manga, architecture, armored adventures, artemis fowl, astrophysics, avatar, avatar: the last airbender, ayria, bella morte, big fish, body modification, book of dead days, boondock saints, bram stokers dracula, cake boss, casshern, chakra meditation, chess, children's books, children's cartoons, chobits, code geass, combichrist, comics, computer flux, cooking, coraline, covenant, cowboy bebop, deadstar assembly, death note, doctor who, donnie darko, doomsday refreshment comittee, dope stars inc., drawing, drawing comics, dune, ed wood, edgar and ellen, ego likeness, egyptology, epochate, fight club, final fantasyvii advent children, firefly, free running and parkour, full metal alchemist, gaming, ghost in the shell, god module, graphic novels, greek mythology, guardian of the spirit, hellsing, house., howl's moving castle, howto train your dragon, i am legend, i:scintilla, igor, imagining, imperative reaction, important things, inglourious basterds, interview with the vampire, inuyasha, invader zim, inventing things, iron man, iron man 2, james d. stark, japanese pop culture., johnny depp, kappa mikey, lacuna coil, learning, legion, london after midnight, making fiends, making shadowboxes, martial arts, marvel and dc shows, memoirs of a geisha, ministry, nature, nicktoons, nine inch nails, official - [adult swim], outerspace and the cosmos, painting, pan's labyrinth, philosophy, poison, ponyo, psychology, psyclon nine, public enemies, puscifer, quantum physics, rammstein, reading, red hot chili peppers, repo! the genetic opera, resident evil extinction, sci fi, sci-fi science, science, scrubs, serenity, skinny puppy, south park, steampunk., stigmata, storm thief, studio ghibli, sword fighting, the big bang theory, the boondocks, the cruxshadows, the dark flight down, the fountain, the last mimzy, the mayan code, the sticks., tim burton, tool, trigun, type o negative., underworld & underworld evolution, vampire hunter d, w/ demetri martin, witch hunter robin, wolverine and the x-men, writing comics, zombieland, Ōban star-racers, 黒執事 kuroshitsuji